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Surprise!!! Special Offer in this December!!!

In this special December we promote a serial of new cakes  with a new recipes…..We sell a special recipes of  Chistmas cakes,coffee cakes,wedding cakes,birthday cakes and more…

Colourful Birthday Cup Cakes

These colorful birthday cupcakesis presented in our  sixtierd cup cakes stand .They get their flair from bright pink ,yellow and orange. Each cup cakes is iced to match their cakes flavors. Strawbeery cupcakes  is iced in hot pink butter cream with yellow and orange rosebuds..


Normal Price: RM 100

Discount Price: RM 90

Pink and Whimsical Topsy-Turvy Cake

This topsy-turvy fondant creation features an array of whimsical fondant embellishments. The top tier mimics a snow capped mountain and is dotted with edible pearls, the middle tier features pink fondant stripes with fondant petal flowers, and the bottom tier is adorned with fondant diamonds and edible pearls. Pink and white hand-rolled fondant roses grace each balcony.


Price RM 55

3-D Dog Birthday Cake

This adorable cake was made for a sweet 16 birthday. The family of the birthday girl wanted something special to celebrate her love of this small dog.  It is iced in our delicious old-fashioned buttercream with lavender ribbons to add a playful touch.


Price: RM 60

Chirstmas Cakes


Price RM 30


Cupcakes are serious business here, not your usual PTA-bake-sale, icing-from-a-can numbers. Each offering is a little work of culinary art, beginning with a basic vanilla butter cake or chocolate cake base slathered with buttercream and toppings.

Ordering is half the fun: there’s a “Dance Party with Holly Hobby” (white cake, pink frosting, rainbow sprinkles), and a “Chocolate Bunny” (chocolate cake, white frosting, coconut). While it’s hard to rationalize any sort of health benefit from eating cupcakes, you can take comfort that the dairy products used are hormone-free, that there are no stabilizers in the frosting, and the chocolate comes from Guittard.

You can take your cupcakes home in a pink bakery box, or devour them on site as you ponder art on the walls and sip Umbria coffee. Owner Jody Hall says that the coffeehouse atmosphere is just as important as the cupcakes. “I wanted to provide something nobody else is doing, but something that’s easily understandable,” she says.

Tip: Order forms make it easy to cater your gathering. Ideally, you should allow 48 hours in advance for a dozen or more, and when you buy 11 you get one free.

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